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Good afternoon!

Where do young people get their news? Melody Kramer spoke to a class at Drexel University yesterday and did an informal poll of the students — mostly male, all under 25. They told her that they’re not on Facebook or Twitter. They get their news from reddit and, sometimes, YouTube. They’re also on Snapchat and Vine. This jibes with other informal, anecdotal evidence we’ve collected over the last year. Pew actually puts numbers to news usage. Here’s a November 2013 piece they did on “News Use Across Social Media Platforms.” The Social Media Desk’s advice is that you start spending more time on reddit and try to understand how the community works.

Do you want to go On The Road with NPR? Right now, our very own Scott Horsley, Don Gonyea and Arnie Seipel are filing to this adventurous Tumblr as they bike across Iowa for the second year in a row. It’s RAGBRAI and it’s fun! We’re always going somewhere — Jeff Brady just got back from an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico — and we’d like you to go with us.

How do you get attention for your big announcement? The Man Booker Prize highlighted its 2014 longlist with this eye-catching and informative tweet.

Here’s your long read for the day. Over at the Carnival Of JournalismJonathan Groves rounds up a range of voices on “Finding The Way To Meaningful, Long-Lasting Journalism.” Good stuff on empowering audiences, making content findable and more.

Lastly, All Things Considered is now on Instagram. Be sure to follow them to see what they make of it!


Hi all,

Just a short note of praise today.

Kudos to Greg Myre and library intern Kimberly Springer for their collaboration last Friday in putting together this piece: A Brief History of Civilian Planes That Have Been Shot Down. Greg wrote about other civilian planes that have been shot down — and Kimberly searched the NPR archives to find how NPR reported them originally. The result is a piece that is well-reported and unique to NPR — with reports from Michael Curtin in 1983, Ira Glass in 1988, and Linda Weirheimer in 2001. 

If you’re doing a piece that could contain archival audio, please let Kimberly know. 

Related: It’s great to resurface old stories, but it’s also great to let readers know what you’re doing. (h/t Kimberly)

More kudos to NPR West’s National Desk intern Solvejg Wastvedt, who masterfully crafted a synopsis post of NPR’s immigration coverage over the past several months for the NPR Tumblr. This is wonderful for several reasons:

1. Highlights our great coverage

2. Isn’t a list

3. Easy to read

4. Lets people know about the variety and depth of our coverage.

We should do more of these for other topics! If you’d like to round something up for a Tumblr post, please let me know. 


Today the social media desk got a cellular phone! I’m trying to figure out what to do with it. So far I have added:

  • WhatsApp — number 202-731-4068
  • Kik — We’re nprnews
  • Snapchat — We’re nprnews
  • YO — We’re nprnews

This is what we’d like to do with these platforms:

  • find sources for our stories/reporters from all corners of the globe
  • relay information quickly and effectively on different platforms
  • figure out what it means to be part of a community on mobile 
  • have fun
  • source during breaking news events
  • share fun things from around the newsroom
  • say YO

Which platforms are we missing?

Anything you’d like to see us try on these?